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Progress so far - June 2015

A Neighbourhood Plan comprises the use and development of land within an area, in this case Torpoint. The community can contribute their ideas, likes and dislikes in respect of issues that matter to them be they facilities, housing, land use, environment, heritage, arts and so on. A Neighbourhood Plan, once it has passed through a number of steps, and been scrutinised by Cornwall Council, can then be voted upon by the local people. Once approved and accepted, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes law.

Over three and a half thousand surveys were hand delivered to all Torpoint residences by an army of local volunteers. The survey asked residents to share what they like and dislike about Torpoint, and what development(s) they would and would not like to see in the area.

Councillor Mrs Andrea Johnson, Chair of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group said, 'We are thrilled with the response rate to this survey. I am particularly delighted to see a strong response from the under 16s. The Steering Group felt very strongly that if the response rate from the youth was too low, the survey would not be representative enough of the town's opinions, and we are very grateful to the staff at Torpoint Community College, who made it possible for the students to access the survey.'

She added ' Looking after green spaces, waste management, house supply, protecting and preserving our wildlife, looking at ways to improve and redevelop the lower end of town and the waterfront, are coming through as strong themes for further exploration through the Neighbourhood Development Plan. We thank the residents of Torpoint for their time in putting their ideas down, so that we can begin to work through them.'

For further details of the survey results, click here to read our Press Release of 15 June 2015.

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